Dialog Plug-in

The current version of the Dialog plug-in is 0.55 which was released on 25th April 2013

Click here to download the plug-in.

This plug-in provides functions to display customised dialog boxes that do not come natively with FileMaker.


NOTE: This plugin is not compatible with FileMaker 15 and will no longer be developed.

Click here to download a Windows only version of the plug-in that works for FileMaker 15


The following dialog boxes can be created:

  • Customised dialog boxes with up to 8 inputs and the following controls: edit box, password edit box, drop down box, date and time controls and more. Up to eight buttons can be used, four buttons on two rows
  • List box with single or multiple selection of rows
  • List box with up to ten columns and ability to right, left or centre align the columns and label each column
  • Dual list box similar to the FileMaker Sort and Export Dialog boxes where items in the left list can be moved to the right list
  • Big Edit boxes providing ability to type in entire essays
  • Progress bar dialog box with the ability to update the text as the bar progresses. Ability to have two progress bars running in the one dialog.
  • Colour Picker dialog box and the ability to create a graphic with the specified colour
  • A quick and simple login dialog box
  • Platform specific Select File and Select Folder dialog boxes
  • And last but not least a dialog box with up to three tabs of input controls

Below are some screenshots:


If you find any problems with the plug-in please email me at tony@kargas.net and i will put it on the to-do list